Past Weasel of the Month! FreedomPop Nov-30-2015

Past Weasel of the Month! and Fry's, Black Friday meltdown Nov-30-2014

Past Weasel of the Month! Harbor Freight, Fails to honor warranty, poor customer service Dec-15-2013

Past Weasel of the Month! MGM / 20th Century Fox, MGM and DVD class action lawsuit Dec-11-2013

Past Weasel of the Month!, Amazon Cloud Player Nov-11-2013

Past Weasel of the Month! Nissan Leaf, Glendale Nissan and Nissan USA - Apr-12-2012

Past Weasel of the Month! Bytecc - Sep-25-2011

Past Weasel of the Month! ZipZoomfly - Oct-10-2010, ZipZoomfly - Doesn't pay rebates, Never answer the phone

Past Weasel of the Month! Apple - Jul-14-2010, The new iphone 4 is quite pretty. Unfortunately, there are some issues with the antenna. Some testing would have revealed the problems before shipping. Looks like Apple didn't do thorough testing. What is worse, is they deny the problem. When Consumer Reports reported problems with the phone, Apple deleted posts on their forums about it. It isn't just Consumer Reports, others reported the issue several weeks ago.

Past Weasel of the Month! Denise McMahon, Chairperson Desert Storm Rally Mar-10-2010

Past Weasel of the Month! Foxconn Feb-17-2010
Really clever to have guards grab, kick and drag a reporter on a public road.

Past Weasel of the Month! Addco Sway Bars Dec-12-2009

Past Weasel of the Month! General Motors - Aug-11-2009, According to GM-Volt "GM CEO Fritz Henderson Henderson announced today that the Chevrolet Volt extended range electric car has been given an official EPA rating of more than 230 MPG city and a combined city/highway average fuel economy of more than 100 MPG." They also say the gas tank holds 12 gallons of gas, the car can run 40 miles on just electricity, and the range is 600 miles. Lets do some math. Assuming the range is 560 miles on 12 gallons, means the car is really getting 47.7 miles per gallon. This is believable, as the Toyota Prius gets 48 mpg on the highway. What makes the GM CEO a weasel is than 47.7 is less than half of 100 mpg. And where does 230 mpg come from? I give GM a F for math.

Past Weasel of the Month! vikyhwt and ebay - lying, dishonest seller on ebay Sep-11-2008

Past Weasel of the Month! Apple - Jan-16-2008, The new apple macbook air claims to be "the world's thinnest notebook". It is 0.76 inches thick. I guess they never heard of the Mitsubishi Pedion which is 0.7244 inches thick. Oh, yeah, there is also the Sharp Actius MM10 is only 0.54 inches thick. Or you could buy a Voodoo Envy which is 0.70 inches thick. Or the new Dell Latitude Z, at 14.5mm thick. See here or here or here for details. Hey Steve, how does that reailty distortion field work?

Past Weasel of the Month! Vastech Inc - Doesn't pay rebates, Ignores email, Doesn't answer the phone Sep-12-2007

Past Weasel of the Month! Hewlett Packard, Sep 8 2006 - HP spies on journalists as well as members of their board of directors Money says 'Lying, or Incompetent'

Good guy of the Month! Still Free Apr-23-2006

Past Weasel of the Month! store Apr-16-2006

Past Weasel of the Month! Downey Off Road Defective Springs

Settle up with Sony BMG

Past Weasel of the Month! Sony who installs RootKits on your PC when you play their CDs.
The software contacts Sony with info about your PC, 568,200 Nameservers contacted so far to do this. Here is the highlights of their End User Liscence Agreement that comes with their cds.
I will never buy another Sony product.
Do not use Windows(tm) as Administrator, see Computer Operation advice for advice to minimize the danger Updated Nov-15-2005

On Nov. 4 2005, Thomas Hesse, Sony BMG's president of global digital business, said, "Most people don't even know what a rootkit is, so why should they care about it?" in an NPR interview. He also said "This e-mail, which we have also reviewed, seems to be about a routine matter. While it did introduce the notion of a 'rootkit,' it did not suggest that this software was anything but benign."

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