Here are a variety of domains that are personally known to me to be SPAMMERS and are likely run by clueless people. The reason is that they don't validate email addresses. Therefore, anyone can supply them with virtually any email address. This can be used for all kinds of fun games, which will hurt innocent bystanders.

Therefore, I encourage all responsible ISPs to block these domains, and list them in the regional blackhole list until they choose to behave responsibly.

Additionally, the sites are likely run by clueless administrators, and therefore likely have security issues, and so you should boycott these sites and not do business with them.

To avoid spam, please consider

Many spammers forge their from or return address. One of the simplest way to know if something is spam is if the return address is your email address. This is a stupid trick spammers use, so if you reply to their spam, you are simply sending mail to yourself.


I have been getting unsolicited political email from They say since it isn't commercial email, it isn't spam. Here are several of the emails I have exchanged with them:

Subject: Re: Offence under US code Title 47, Sec 227(b) (1) (C) (was Re: Resolution on Environmental Convention Speakers)
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 15:11:35 -0700 (PDT)

You are an immature man.Grow up.

(Here is what I sent them).
It is unwanted email. It may not be of commercial nature, but it is of political nature, which is just as bad if not worse. Additionally, you were moronic enough to send two copies of your junk mail, which only reinforced your cluelessness.

Don't send people email unless they ask for it.

This is not an advertisement and has no commercial purpose.Please provide specific legal grounds for your allegations.

(This is after I sent them my anti-spam message).

Sorry you are offended by our political expression,we seek nothing commercial.

(This after I told them I was offended by their email).

So, these people don't think there is anything wrong with unsolicited political email. Additionally, they don't seem smart enough to put a space after a period or a comma. I encourage everyone to tell what you think of them.

This first batch of sites has demonstrated extra cluelessness by doing one or more really stupid things. Some have no postmaster@domain-name, which is required by the mail standard. Some won't remove the bogus email address even after being contacted. Some supply bogus return email addresses so there is no way to contact them. These sites worse than the rest of the sites listed, because of numerous or extra obnoxious spam. Here they are:

Here are the lesser clueless domains that are still likely run by clueless administrators and therefore use of these sites could put your personal security and privacy at risk. adler.local brexit-survey.localdomain bthomehub.home chengxinprint.c0m dsldevice.lan exchange.local facebó indoma.local jp-pc.kornet kkgm.bis,