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ATI Video cards

ATI's driver dev teams and tech support staff to compete in the special olympics. -- Posted by Rob on Thursday, July 3 2003 Comments ()

(I have re-formatted the comments, but not changed the content.)

What a bunch of retards. I love it when I'm insulted after contacting tech support regarding a flaw in their product.

As it says below, I got new hardware a while back. When used in conjunction with just about any other video card the system is stable as a rock. But when I throw my Radeon 9700 Pro in there I can't do anything game related. I checked around and found out that this isn't an isolated issue. Lots of people are having the exact same problem with the Radeon 9700 Pro and the Intel i875p chipset. ATI just screwed up again.

I decided that it would be a good idea to contact ATI's tech support on the issue. I gave them a description of my hardware and a description of the problem. I told them that I'd even locked onto the Radeon 9700 Pro as the source of the trouble.

I get a reply that is just a long list of generic crap that they suggest. It's blatantly obvious that the support staffer didn't even read my e-mail.

I responded with a somewhat annoyed message saying that the card was the problem and that I had updated all my drivers and my motherboard BIOS.

The reply I got back was sooo amazingly idiotic...

Regarding " I swapped the Radeon 9700 Pro out for a GeForce 3 to test whether it was my system or the Radeon, and it's the Radeon. The GeForce 3 worked just fine. So until you guys get a fix out or release new drivers that fix the problem, I guess I'm stuck with an old GeForce 3." Your assumption is invalid, as we have a lot of customers that have this card working. Does your old ge force card have the same capabilities and power consumption as the radeon 9700 card?

Ummm...what? My "assumption" is invalid? It's not an assumption when I've tested the system with a GeForce 3, Radeon 9700 Pro, and a Radeon 9800. I like the part where she says "We have a lot of customers with the card working." I always thought the idea was to shoot for a bit more than "a lot." Like...you know, maybe "most" or "all." Then she says that ridiculous line about power consumption and capabilities. What kind of stupid question is that? Of course it doesn't. It's not the same card!

How many watts is your power supply? What sound card have you got in the system?

350 Watt Antec PSU and a Creative SB Extigy.

Regarding " all my drivers are up to date. I've even got the latest BIOS revision for my motherboard. I've got all the right settings in my BIOS too.

What drivers are updated? I think I covered that one when I said "all of my drivers are up to date." What bios have you updated, what is the version number Alright, I covered this one too but I'll play along. How many things do you flash the BIOS on? I can think of two things, but that still doesn't change the part where I said "my motherboard BIOS." Winner. What is the release date? 6/9/2003

I think this woman must've had a lot of trouble in school. The details just seem to float right by her.

This is just some extra bullshit about a problem report that won't help me since I removed the card from my system.

To assist you, please prepare / complete an ATI problem report, using the ATI installation CD. To create an ATI Problem Report go to START > RUN > type x:\bin\atiiprxx Where x is the cdrom on your system, replace the x with the cdrom drive letter. Cut & paste the Problem Report text in the body of the email with your reply.


Shabu Nanji Customer Service Canada ATI Technologies, Inc. http://www.ati.com

From: Stewart
Subject: Thanks
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002

I ran into the same problem under W2k with the same ATI video card that you have. I downloaded V5 of the DVD player and 7.2 of the MMC, uninstalled the old stuff and installed 7.2 & V5 - DVD's play just fine now. V5 works much better than V4.1 since all the features are functional. I don't use Norton, so I think the problem is in a W2k upgrade. V4.1 of the DVD player worked OK until after I had installed a whole bunch of Microsoft upgrades, then I started getting the "atimmc.exe" error message.

Thanks a lot - your web posting saved me a lot of time!

From: Troy
Subject: ATI
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002


I was just about to launch off on a similar tirade as your Feb 25, 2002 WOTM.

I just had to laugh because you are so right and they care so little.

atimmc.exe it the Devil.

You know, the card ALMOST works. They really irritate me and I was HOT today, so thanks for calming me down.

Fellow Dissatisfied ATI customer,

Netgear Ethernet products

Subject: Netgear Comments
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2003

I couldn't agree more with what you said. I bought a netgear router a few months ago, and it has never worked. We were getting problems with lost packets, meaning the internet would just freeze up after about 2/3 minutes. Calling netgear support was horrible because of the long waits (usually around 30min), and the thick accent on the technicians. They could never help, and the 2nd tier people were never available and would never call back. We checked with our ISP to make sure it wasnt our modem that was the problem. It's as if they just stole our money!

Subject: Netgear RP614
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2003

Dear Turbo,
I reached your site throught google.com search for Netgear bad support. I would like to add my horrible experience with Netgear.

Since this may I started downloading huge files (demo game. etc) but my speed never went over 70 to 80 KBs. I have cable modem and when I connect my computer direct to the internet I get about 1030 to 1040 KBs but when I connect with RP614 I only got 80 Kbs. So I decided to call Netgear support around middle of May.

After calling them about 8 to 9 times and talking to level 2 about 5 times, they decided to send me another router. Btw their support wait time is about 1 to 2 hours. and then they transfer you to level to and I had to wait another hour or so over there everytime. Email support sucks no reply yet. I called them today for second router and they said that I will have to call back when tech support supervisor is around so they can send me newer model. I don't know whats netgear support policy but it seems like they always try to avoid customers and they tell customers to call back or to do something with the router and test for 2 weeks and call back.

I think I have decided to never ever buy Netgear again. I already wasted enough time on this support waiting and I would suggest everyone to reconsider before buying Netgear products.

From: mitchell
Subject: Netgear Support Sucks and Blows
Date: 22 Aug 2003 11:12:14 -0600

Hi Turbo,

I have also a worse experience with Netgear, this time with the FM114P wireless firewall router. Great product in all regards except that it doesn't work for more than a day without needing reboot. I've requested a refund from them by email (attached) but I'm still waiting.

Thanks for your weasel site, and feel free to reprint this. My emails were edited to avoid spam spiders.

Subject: refund please
From: mitchell
To: jack.adams@netgear-support.com, support@netgear.com
Date: 18 Aug 2003 12:05:50 -0600

Hi Jack and Netgear,

Regarding case number 201219769, FM114P blocking return http/https traffic originated from LAN. I would like to request a complete refund on this unit.

I give up on the FM114P and I give up on Netgear.

- I have made at least 10 calls to tech support regarding this issue.
- At least four calls were to level 2 techs, one of whom told me to use only numeric IP numbers, which was a rediculous suggestion.
- I have been disconnected at least twice after holding more than an hour.
- I have switched FM114P hardware at TS request, no change.
- I have tried now FOUR firmware revs, some sevaral times.
- I have manually re-entered a fair sized config from scratch at least 5 times.

And still, the router runs great for a few hours, maybe a day, and then begins dropping HTTP and HTTPS packets from all clients and showing DROP messages in its log.

I replaced the FM114P with a SmartBridges AirPoint and a Linksys router and they both worked perfectly from the start in the same environment with the same settings.

I would hereby like to request a refund for the FM114P. Repair is obviously not an option, as we all gave that a try.

This router has cost me now thousands of dollars in my time, my client has lost thousands in lost business, and I have suffered reduced confidence, all because of this hardware. I would like to at least recover the router's expense.

Please advise the warranty refund procedure. The unit is less than 6 months old and has never worked from the beginning.

Thank you, Mitchell

From: Craig
Subject: weasel of the month
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002

Thanks, I was about to buy a Netgear wireless hub/router my house. Instead I will look around for another manufacturer.

From: Kurt
Subject: Netgear RT 314
Date: Thu, 02 May 2002


Just wanted to let you know you are not alone.

My Netgear RT 314 Router ran perfectly until recently.

I believe that there is a problem in the firmware, that causes a buffer overrun, thus, being unable to forward packets.

I believe that it can be caused by running any type of server from behind the router.

Basically, my problems started when I began to run an FTP server and a Gnutella client.

The router stops functioning about an hour or so after it starts dealing with this type of traffic.

--- I am also, very pissed. I purchased a hardware router because I wanted high reliability & availability. I do not want devices on my network that are fickle.

All I can tell you is to wait long enough, and they will get around to fixing it. You could try using the Xytel firmware, from what I have read the units are *very* similar.

Good luck

From: Ramin
To: tanya.miller@netgear-support.com
Cc: sales@netgear.com, support@netgear.com
Subject: Pathetic customer service from Netgear
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002


I read http://www.weasel.com/comp_netgear.html and I was disgusted by Netgear's poor customer service.

Netgear owes the Turbo a refund.

I will never buy a Netgear product if your customer service sucks!


Manager - Product Development, NetVantage
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

From: Ramin
Subject: Fwd: FW: Pathetic customer service from Netgear
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2002

----Original Message Follows----
From: "Dave Patnaik" <dave.patnaik@netgear.com>
To: ramin@hotmail.com
Subject: FW: Pathetic customer service from Netgear
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002

Hi Ramin,

Thanks for the feedback. This is just a one off case & you can be rest assured that this does not happen in SE Asia. In KL, SIS distribution is our partner & feel free to contact Philip Wong @ SIS, H/P: 012 267 0069 for any details on NETGEAR products.

By all means, please contact me directly if you have got any other concerns

Thanks for your feedback once again

Dave Patnaik
Regional Director - SE ASIA
NETGEAR, Singapore

voice: + 65-6233 6810
mobile: + 65-9109 8700
fax: + 65-6233 6856
web: www.netgear.com.sg
e-mail: dave.patnaik@netgear.com

Everyone's Connecting...

-----Original Message-----
From: Ramin
Sent: Sunday, September 29, 2002
To: tanya.miller@netgear-support.com
Cc: sales@netgear.com; support@netgear.com
Subject: Pathetic customer service from Netgear


I read http://www.weasel.com/comp_netgear.html and I was disgusted by Netgear's poor customer service.

Netgear owes the Turbo a refund.

I will never buy a Netgear product if your customer service sucks!


Manager - Product Development, NetVantage
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

From: Ramin
To: dave.patnaik@netgear.com, tanya.miller@netgear-support.com
Cc: support@netgear.com, sales@netgear.com
Subject: Re: FW: Pathetic customer service from Netgear (NGI50818965)
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2002

--- Netgear Support Call tracking number: NGI50818965 ---

Good afternoon Mr Patnaik,

Thank You for reply. My company is a broadband solutions provider in Malaysia and SiS Distribution is one of our suppliers. Our business partners and associates include Telekom Malaysia, TMnet, Maxis & TIME dotNet.

However, I regret to inform you that I would not be confident in recommending Netgear products to our clients, if your company carelessly dismisses Mr Turbo's situation as a "one of case".

I found your remark quite disturbing. What happens if I encounter a similar problem? Would I then be considered as yet another of your "one of cases"?

Your company has still not addressed the issue of Mr Turbo being billed for the additional amount nor has your company provided a refund for the hardware which did not work as stated. Why?

I would appreciate your reply regarding this matter, and I trust that you will see to it that Mr Turbo's issue will be resolved. I hope that you'll recognize the fact that the world is a much smaller place, and if your customer support isn't up to mark, news travels fast.

I hope that you will be able to escalate this matter, since Tanya Miller (from Netgear-Support.com) finds it easier to ignore the problem and her responsibilities to her client.

Thank You for your assistance.


Manager - Product Development, NetVantage

Jack Stephenson's Warmlite

From: Kris
Subject: Stephensons
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003

i read with interest and amusement your on going correspondence with Jack Stephenson. I too, have had to try to deal with him and in some ways I was amused, but mostly bewildered at his approach to customer service. I am surprised that the company allows him to use email. He is very insulting and unwilling to even consider that his (some of, certainly not all)product may have a manufacturer's defect. I personally think he is clinically ill. I have a 3R tent that has had numerous problems and he has called me an idiot, a moron etc. and claims that I don't know how to operate a zipper. That is a skill that I think I understood 50 years ago. My tent has been back for repairs 4 times. I have numerous other tents that have withstood much worse weather and shown no signs of fatigue. Thet claim theirs can"easily withstand winds in excess of 95MPH". Not my 3R. 35-40 MPH is pretty touchy. Enough though. If you can post this somewhere, go ahead.

From: Mike
Subject: Sleeping Bag
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1999

I just read the majority of your correspondences with Stephenson. It was definitely entertaining. I have dealt with companies whose products have failed before. I have never had them in such a manner. I am currently with one of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Search and Rescue Teams. We will frequently purchase camping gear for our mountain work. I guarantee you that I will stay clear of Stephenson. I will also tell my members of the grand experience that you have enjoyed.

I would like to thank you for the entertainment which you have shown.

Best regards,


From: joe
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999

I ran into your site while looking for info on Stephensons. Man, I can't believe the trouble you have had with your bag!

I am no expert, but if you had "abused" your bag, how come only the inside is falling apart ? If Mr. Stephenson was as smart as claims to be, he would have fixed your bag in the first place. But I digress- the reason I wrote was to get some info on VB bags. In all of my looking around, I still haven't found a good description of what it is like to use a VB in a sleeping bag.

Do you wake up in a puddle or what? I live in Fairbanks and I need all the help I can get. Thanks

P.S. I wonder if Jack is brave enough to go nude around here, it hit -25 today.

From: Lars
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999
Subject: A e-mail about the Triple Bag

Dear Turbo,

My name is Lars, a 37 years old Norwegian who lives in Oslo. First, since my native language is Norwegian, I would like to apologies for my poor English. I still hope that my e-mail is understandable.

The reason I am writing to you, is that I spend a lot of time in the mountains. Since I got inter-net I have been surfing for information about a high quality sleeping bag. There are a lot of information about bags from manufactures like F.F., Integral Design, Moonstone etc., but very little about the Triple bag from Stephenson's. I would be very interesting to hear from a person who has practical experience with the bag. I have read the correspondence between yourself and Jack Stephenson, and I will come back to my opinion in the end of the e-mail.

Let me first explain my interest for the Triple bag. Over the last 20 years I have spent between 20 and 30 night in a sleeping bag every year. Back in 82/83 I was a para-ranger in the Norwegian Army and that specific year I had more than 120 nights in the wilderness. The army learned my also to use a VB liner in garments, but never in a sleeping bag. Norwegians have executed several expeditions to both the North and the South pole over the last 10 years and I know they use a VB liner in their bags. I don't have any ambitions to go to neither the North or the South pole, but I can clearly see the point of using a VB liner in cold weather. Norway is an arctic country. Winters are normally cold. Spring and fall are normally wet and cold. Summer could be nice. I guess the weather conditions are quite similar to Alaska. During the winter I have had several nights with temperatures below -30 F.

Most of the equipment I have used is produced by Norwegian manufactures. This is heavy duty equipment which I can rely on. My tent is more than 15 years old. Both of my sleeping bags are more than 10 years old. But, Norwegian manufactures are conservative. Very little has been changed over the past 10 years. I plan to buy a new tent (maybe BIBLER Ahwahnee) and a new sleeping bag.

The Triple bag has from my point of view new and good ideas. It seems to be a real four season bag. However, I am wondering how well the thin top performs in a summer night. I would expect that it is clammy with the VB liner. If I buy one, I would suggest that the VB liner should be removed from the thin top. Since the VB liner is kept on the thick top and this goes inside the thin top, it should not really matter when I use the bag in a winter night. Feel free to correct me. An other thing which I like about the Triple bag is the integrated pad system. From what I can read on the inter-net, the D.A.M. is the best pad available. Not only because of it qualities, but also because of the fact that it is integrated with the bag. This is unlike everything else I have seen. I could buy the pad only, and a bag from an other manufacture, but it will not be an integrated solution.
As I mentioned earlier, I would like to comment your correspondence with Jack Stephenson. It certainly gives rise to concern. I am truly surprised about his behaviour. A manufacture of equipment to highly specialized people, will normally demands good relationship to its customer. Jack does not seems to be interest in that. But what should I do? Forget about the Triple bag or ?? I had a similar experience with Bausch & Lomb last year. I bought a pair Ray Ban sunglasses (produced by Bausch and Lomb) in San Francisco last summer, and the broke the day after. At that time I was in Lake Tahoe so I decided to claim a new pair when I was back in Norway. Well, Bausch and Lomb in Norway said that this specific sunglasses never were introduced on the Norwegian market, so they refuse to replaced them. It was only 100$, but it did really irritate me. Of that reason I sent an e-mail to Bausch and Lomb's customer care department in US. Two days later Federal Express was on my door with a new pair of glasses. I consider that as good customer care. Jack's behaviour will not help his business, but I feel that this is a dilemma, What should I do?
I hope you have time and opportunity to answer my questions and thoughts. Some ideas of how the bag works in practical use will be highly appreciated. Again, apology my poor English.
Kind regards,

From: Lars
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999
Subject: Thanks

Turbo, Ken

Thanks for the input. I really appreciate that you are taking the time to comment my concerns regarding Stephenson's. I need to consider your information. My main problem is that I am not able to actually see and test the bag. Of that reason, any suggestions for modifications from me is easy for Stephenson to contradict.

However, I will write him an e-mail, asking for more specifications on the construction of the bag. Based upon the specifications, I will suggest some changes. As I see it know, it should be:

- The outer zipper on the bottom should be extended so it is as long as the inner zipper
- The zipper in the thin top should be as long as it is on the thick top.
- I should order a bag without the vap-r-soft top. I am a bit confused about what the vap-r-soft fabric is, but as I understand it, it is the aluminized fabric in the tops. According to Stephenson's web-site, the tops could be ordered with a silicone coated fabric instead.

His response to my modifications will determine whether I buy or not.

Turbo, I do also have hesitations regarding single wall tents. When Goretex came on the market 15 to 20 years ago, some Norwegian tent manufactures made single wall tents of goretex. Their were light and easy to set up. But their had also heavy condensation problems both in summer and winter. I borrowed one, and used it for five days in February. When the temperature was below the freezing point a thin ice layer was formed on the inside (could be dangerous). It was obvious that Goretex at that time was not breathable enough. After a couple of year they stopped producing this tents.

BIBLER is, however, made of Toddtex which hopefully is more suitable. I also expect that the ventilation system in their tent is improved. BIBLER is sold in Norway, but it is produced on license by Lafuma (French company). Lafuma does not use Toddtex, but Goretex. Of that reason I would not buy from them. Anyway, I will ask Black Diamond about this before I possible buy one.

Thanks again. If there is anything I can do for you, do not hesitate to send me an e-mail.

Kind regards

Date: Tue, 01 May 2001
From: Karl
Subject: Your correspondence to Jack Stephenson

Dear Turbo:

I wish I had of read your correspondence to Jack Stephenson before I requested some information about his sleeping bag product. Thank you for sharing your experience with dealing with him.

Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2000
From: Anthony
Subject: Stephenson Bags and Tents

Hi Turbo,

My name is Anthony. I am an avid climber from Vancouver, WA (just north of Portland). I am interested in getting involved with high altitude mountaineering so I've been reading a good deal of literature on tents and bags to replace what I now have.

I was searching for info on Stephenson tents and bags and came across your page. I read nearly all of your info on their products which certainly convinced me that customer service is deficient. Due to the enticing qualities of their products I am not yet fully dissuaded from making the $1,300 plunge to equip myself with a new bag and tent. The letters back and forth between you and Jack were insightful. He seems unpleasant. Did you ever resolve the bag issues?

So my questions are:

1. Do you feel that your experience with the bag was an isolated case? (i.e. have you heard from others that they had manufacturing defects with their bags or could it be that you just got a lemon?

2. What do you think about the durability of their tents?

3. Do you have any alternative recommendations for equal or better quality items, that is bag or tent? I am willing to spend whatever it takes to get the best stuff that will last me for 10-15 years. I am very careful with my equipment.

I am considering buying the Bibler big wall i-tent so that I can integrate it with the double portaledge from black diamond. Otherwise, at present, the Stephenson 2R with LD (large door) seems to be my best choice. I don't suppose you are interested in unloading yours for a reasonable price? :-). I am also considering a -40 degree Western Mountaineering bag. I hear frequently that both of these companies offer superb service.

I suspect you are a busy man. I appreciate any more info you can help me garner regarding Stephenson's product line, especially since you are the only one I've found who expresses a negative viewpoint (although that seemed to be primarily regarding their service, not products). If you can point me to any more reviews, especially negative ones, which tend to be more detailed, I will be grateful. In light of your dealings with Jack, you may enjoy my signature below.

Happy Climbing,


"If one is really a superior person, the fact is likely to leak out without too much assistance" -- John Andrew Holmes

Date: Mon, 22 May 2000
From: Brad
Subject: Stephenson...

I have to say, so that you know you're not alone, Jack is a complete ass. My then-girlfriend purchased a tent from him a year or so ago, which arrived with a couple of slices in it (clearly they had simply cut it up during manufacture. Not a big deal. However, we set it up anyway, and decided that, while it was really light weight, it didn't seem durable enough for us. So, we sent it back along with a nice note explaining the whole situation. You'd think, since they send us a damaged tent, they would be apologetic and understanding. Indeed, the woman who received it first was very understanding. She sent a nice reply and refund. A little later, this apparently crossed Jack's desk, and he flipped out. He yelled and screamed about us ignorant new yorkers (sure, we live in new york, but I'm from mountainous CA, she's from western Mass) and how we were idiots, lucky that he hadn't gotten our letter, as he would never have refunded us anything, how unappreciative we were of his great work, etc.

If I met the man on the trail, I would spit in his oatmeal... and I'm a mellow guy. He just ain't a nice human being.


Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000
From: Julianne
Subject: Advice on backpacking stoves

First of all let me say great website! Found out about it from lite weight backpacker

Really enjoyed the information on Stephenson products, as I have recently sent a check off for a 3R tent. I am really up in the air about buying one of their sleeping systems. The down air mattress is something I thought someone would have come up with long ago. What do think about ordering that,just the down filled air mattress without the bag (do you like their down air mattress)and using a Western Mountaineering bag on top? Also any ideas on how to keep my stuff and me from sliding around inside the tent?

My original question for you was about stoves?? I am interested in either the Snow Peak or Primus Titanium stoves, do you prefer either over the other? And what about the light Primus that weights in at 8 oz and is a lot less money??

Thanks for listening and hope you can give a backpacker some good advice

I do feel happy about the tent but just don't know about the whole sleeping system seems to heavy Let me know about everything you can

Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2000
From: David
Subject: Re: Weasel things...

Interesting. I read the exchanges (until I glazed over). It reinforces what others have said about Jack -- that he is an opinionated, egotistical sumbitch. I bought one of his tents nonetheless, but haven't had much time with it yet to develop opinions about his products. I got it on the recommendation of one other guy who has two of his tents (a 3R and a 5R) and swears by them. Sorry to hear about your trials and tribulations with that bag. It's one thing to spend $100 on a bag and have it turn out to be a poorly constructed rag, and quite another to spend over $700 to discover that the guy who built it won't stand behind it.

Thanks for letting me "listen in" on your dealings with Jack...

Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002
From: Christopher
Subject: [Stephenson TENT] Turbo, question

Hi Turbo

I have a question or two about Stephenson tents. We met once, but you probably don't remember me (you led a hike for the 20s&30s section a couple of years ago at Chantry Flats, after a hike at Switzer was abandoned because the crest highway was blocked and we couldn't get to Switzer. Anyway, I remember you from that hike, and we traded a few software engineering stories and stuff like that (we have similar backgrounds as it turns out). Anyway, just trying to jog your memory a bit, but it's not important).

I just read your email exchange with Jack Stephenson on the web. Man, what a nutcase. My guess is that he's a bit mentally unstable and that accounts for his attitude. Thanks for posting it -- I'll never buy his products now. Customer service is important to me. He screwed you bad.

Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002
From: Christopher
Subject: Re: [Stephenson TENT] Turbo, question

>Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002
>From: Turbo
>To: Christopher
>Subject: Re: [Stephenson TENT] Turbo, question

>I think it is more trouble that it is worth.
>As for the carbon fiber poles, I think that the thin wall high strength
>aluminum will be hard to beat. But if you want to do it for fun, rather than
>cost savings, go for it.

hi Turbo thanks for responding. yes, the idea is mainly to do it for fun, but also to avoid having to deal with Looney Lord Jack.
>You will need a fair amount of savvy,

with some luck i can find that somewhere i expect.

>some way to sew the nylon, as it is very very slippery

yes, it is. hellacious stuff. i have some 1.1 oz samples.

>and some way to make pre-curved thin wall carbon tubes,
>as well as some way to connect them.

might have to use aluminum. i have a source for straight carbon fiber tubes and connectors, but not curved. since Lord Jack states that bending a straight tube into an arc vs using a precurved tube uses up 80% of the tube's strength, it looks like precurved is the only way to go for a strong tent. might not be that much weaker though...

but i think his claims about 160 mph winds are pure crap. i have stuck my hand out of the window of light aircraft at 140 knots and no f* way is a tent going to withstand that kind of dynamic pressure, even with cross bracing. it if failed, the wind would drop you in the next county.

>I recommend actually *buying* a stephenson tent, in terms of cost
>effectiveness. I know it is a bitter pill to swallow...
>Feel free sometime to stop by and see my 2R or 3R tents....

that would be incredibly useful, Turbo. thanks! if i go ahead with this project, I'll take you up on that offer.

>I would also suggest you speak to ken
>about tents as he is intimately familiar with mine as well as his 2R
>and 3R, as well as jack's quirkiness.

good idea, i'll do that. i think I've met Ken, didn't he used to be a private firearms dealer (FFL) back around '92?

>If I did get a tent from jack, I would mention your concerns about
>customer support, and you might even mention my page...

it's very unlikely that i would by a tent from an apparent psychotic. if i was going on a real expedition, i would probably buy a tent from petra hilleberg -- decent designs, expedition proven, and damn good customer service. only problem is she's not a nudist (as far as i know), but she is a lot cuter than Lord Jack! :-)

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