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I own a Tesla Model 3. I also own some Tesla Motors stock.

The Porsche Taycan

The Taycan is Porsche's first electric car. It has been billed as a 'Tesla Killer'. It isn't. The Taycan is not for sale now, but Porsche says it will be for sale in 2020. It has a 2 speed transmission, unlike all Teslas. It has been tested at the Nürburgring. Elon Musk says they will do an official lap next week. The Taycan claims to have a very good cooling system for the batteries. It claims to charge at up to 270 kw.

The car weights more than the Model S. I don't think the car will sell well. It costs 1.5 times as much as the Tesla Model 3 Performance. It is slower, heavier, and has a significantly less range. There is no significant high speed charging network for the Taycan. Porsche has no track record of making electric cars. It is unclear how long the batteries will last. Tesla is the market leader in battery technology and longevity. Tesla has autopilot. Tesla has over the air updates. If you can wait a bit, you could buy a Tesla Roadster for only $15k more than the Taycan S, which has well over twice the range, a 2 second faster quarter mile time, and a top speed over 90 miles faster. Perhaps dedicated Porsche owners who want an electric car will buy it. Or you could buy three Tesla Model 3 Performance cars, which are only slightly slower, but still have a significantly higher range. And calling a car 'turbo' for an electric car is just plain silly.

Compared to other vehicles

		Taycan / S	Model S	Per	Model 3 Per	Roadster
cost		150k / 185k	100 k		56 k		200k
weight		5100 / 5121	4960		4072
HP		670 - / 750 -	762		473
0-60 mph	3.0 / 2.6	2.275		3.2		1.9
1/2 mile	11.1 / 10.8	10.6		@ 11.56		8.8
top speed	161 mph		163 mph		162		250 +
range		@ 230 / @ 220	345		310		620
charging speed	270 kw		200 kw		250 kw
C/D		0.22 / 0.25	0.24		0.23	

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