This pack is from around 2011. It holds laptops up to 17.3 inches. It is designed to be TSA friendly, as the pictures will show. It has a whole lot of features, but the key feature is pockets. This pack has a ton of pockets. The only thing missing from this pack is a waist strap.

Back View

mobileedge back

This is a view of the back of the pack. Many features of the pack are visible. There are many compartments and inside some compartment are more sub-compartments for virtually anything you might imagine. There are two small compartments on the back of the pack where you could put a mouse or cell phone. Visible near the top center is a port for headphones for a media player. Also visible is a zipper running from side to side which goes to yet another interior pocket of the pack. It is big enough for 8 1/2 by 11 inch papers.

Pack Front

mobileedge front

This is the front of the pack, i.e. the part which rests against your back. There is a handle, which most packs have. This one has a molded rubber hold in addition to the nylon strap. There are the two standard shoulder straps and each of which have a mesh pocket for small stuff. There is no waist belt. There are no sternum strap.

Pack Bottom

pack bottom

The pack has a reinforced bottom with three plastic thingies which seem designed to allow the pack to stand upright.

Laptop Compartment

  compartment 1 laptop
  compartment 2

This is the compartment closest to the front of the pack. A laptop goes in the translucent, unpadded compartment and is secured with a velcro strap. The pack unzips completely, allowing it to be laid flat for TSA inspection. There is a big zippered compartment on the other side of the laptop compartment.

Main Storage Compartment

  storage compartment 1 main
  storage compartment 2

This is the main storage compartment. It is pretty big. On one side is a large zippered mesh compartment (I have papers in it). On the other side is a expandable nylon pocket suitable for a lot of papers. Above that is a roundish zippered pouch designed for a media player of something that has headphone wires, as there is an external port designed for wires to go through.

Auxiliary Compartment


This is the auxiliary compartment. There is a nylon fabric divider and a a bunch of sub-compartments. There is a removable key fob. There is a clear plastic window for a business card. There are some compartments for memory sticks. There are a bunch of pen holders, of which I am using for several purposed.

Exterior Pockets

mobileedge pockets

This are the external pockets. Big enough for any mouse, business cards, cell phone, or the like. I would rather have side pockets, but that wouldn't work well with a TSA type pack.


This is a really wonderful pack. I use it quite a bit while I am travailing. I really wish it had a waist belt and a sternum strap. There is no shortage of places to put stuff.

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